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Experiential Coaching

experiential |ikˌspirēˈen(t)SH(ə)l|
involving or based on experience and observation: the experiential learning associated with employment.

This is not a magical course where you leave with amazing knowledge just by osmosis and assimilation.

You have to work, and it is trial by fire!

Outlining what we will do

If you were going to teach me something, I would want you to:

  • Let me know what you are going to do.
    • Please show me how you do it.
      • Go over what you did.
        • Let me do it.

This is the method I use to teach stage hypnosis.

Before you join the group, you will have some homework.

  • Transcribe an opening
  • Learn an induction
We have limited time. You should know an induction before you come to Bootcamp.
brian varano, dan anders, alan sands
Brian Varano, Alan Sands, and Dr. Dan Anders at the first Bootcamp Sept./Oct. 2013.

In 2013, Brian Varano “The Hawaiian Hurricane” was my first student. He has since performed in Las Vegas and multiple county fairs across the USA.

We go to dinner each night and discuss the shows with the group.
When you leave this training, you can say, “I did entire shows.” When a GIG offer comes in, you can say ‘YES.’

“Training Inspired by My Ideal Start: The Journey I Wished For From Day One”

george brewster
George Brewster, Kittitas County Fair, Ellensburg, WA, 2016


You get

  • Fresh audiences Show After Show.
  • Volunteers who have never been hypnotized
  • Real-life stage hypnosis performance training
  • We do ‘clean shows’ because we are at fairgrounds.


Mike Allerton attended Boot Camp twice
Mike Allerton from Australia attended Boot Camp twice


We discuss

  • costumes
  • lights
  • safety
  • using an assistant 
  • respecting your audience and volunteers
  • hecklers
  • working with the problem of no one volunteering
  • no one is going under

 … you will hear horror stories


Dr Jim Eggold
Dr. Jim Eggold in Missoula, MT, 2019


You do shows!

You will have the choice of:

  • Doing an entire show on your own
  • Doing routines and portions of other people’s shows.
  • Doing shows with other students.

“…the real important part for me was that on stage time, experience in front of live audiences, and to be able to work on routines.  …  Really a lot of value, you covered a lot of topics, also the time you covered on the sound equipment was great, I know I got a lot out of that! I appreciate your patience with our group, and it was a relaxed and fun time.”

— Jeff Harpring 2014 –

Joan Sands 2018 Lane County Fair, Eugene, OR
Joan Sands 2018 Lane County Fair, Eugene, OR
Getting you on stage, over & over, as many times as possible – this is our goal.
Jeffery Lyle Segal - Class of 2021
Jeffery Lyle Segal – Class of 2021

This training has inspired others to adopt similar formats. We are here to guide you if you’re looking for the most seasoned experience. Since 2013, we have had the privilege of coaching many students who now successfully earn thousands of dollars performing. Investing in this Boot Camp is a decision that pays off.

Mark Adams 2018 in Canada
Mark Adams 2018 in Canada

What We Offer

  • You’ll learn a lot about sound systems, including:
  • Microphone use & types of microphones
  • What are all those buttons, knobs, and switches on the Mixer?
  • Different types of speakers
  • Wiring up a sound system
  • The difference between amplifiers, mixers, receivers
  • Understanding how much power you need – watts, volts, amps
  • Preventing distortion
  • Getting the video onto an online service, such as Vimeo
  • Getting the video into a computer for editing (one-on-one training can include video editing lessons)
  • Acquiring & choosing music
  • Different music players and controllers
  • Editing Music
  • Getting the music into the player
  • Finding your character on Stage
  • Photo Shoot
  • What will you use the photos for?
  • Beginning, middle & ending routines
  • Making the show flow like a Broadway Play
  • Pre-talk – Talking to the audience before the volunteers come on stage.
  • Comedy shows vs. Lecturing vs. Motivation & keynote presenting.
  • Comedy Pre-talk
  • Motivational Pre-talk

Mike O'Claire, successful shows, Lane County Fair
Mike O’Claire – Lane County Fair, Eugene, Oregon, 2018
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Raza Jafri - Southwest Washington Fair, Centralia, WA 2021
Raza Jafri – Southwest Washington Fair, Centralia, WA 2021

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