watches, hypnotic emblems
There is often a time distortion when people are hypnotized. This is why we use watches as our emblem. Watches also make excellent pendulums.
Learn Stage Hypnosis
Learn to be a comedy stage hypnotist.
In 2024, there will be (1) One Misty & The SandMan’s Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp
• Deschutes County Fair, Redmond, Oregon •
July 31 – August 4, 2024

This class is the Boot Camp’s 17th incarnation and our only Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp in 2024.

An advantage to one-on-one stage hypnosis training is watching others perform multiple shows.

You can also do tag-ins if you need a slower progression to complete solo shows. (tag-ins are part of other people’s shows. You do not do an entire show yourself)

Steve Parks
Steve Parks performing at the Red River Exhibition, Fargo, ND, 2015

The 2024 boot camp in Redmond, OR, has all the advantages explained on other pages of this website. Working with others while they also work on their acts is most empowering. It gives you a lot of permission to experiment because you won’t be developing ideas and skill sets alone.

Joan Sands performs at Lane County Fair
Joan Sands gathers a crowd for her show at the Lane County Fair

Boot Camp 2021, 2022 & 2023 was at the Southwest Washington Fair in Centralia. This was a fair with over 70,000 attendance.

Deschutes County Fair has 170,000 attendees!!!


Every Boot Camp Schedule is as follows:

Students are encouraged to arrive Monday,  July 29th, 2024 hopefully in time to ♦ join us for dinner. We do an ♦ audio lesson to begin getting you familiar with the sound system. We ♦ discuss video.

On day two, we go to the Fairgrounds ♦ set up our performance space ♦ learn rapid inductions ♦ review our pre-talks ♦ go over how to invite people to volunteer & ♦ discuss routines. ♦  We prepare to do shows the next day when the fair opens.

We do our best to do some yoga, vocal exercises, improv games, and talk about entering and exiting the stage. We never stop working on our music and our list of routines.

Arrive Monday, Class time is Tuesday, Bootcamp will run Wednesday – Sunday, and everyone does a complete, solo show every day for five days.

Hypnosis Boot Camps is EPIC! Watching people develop shows equal to professionals in a week is empowering.

Thomas Kyte
Thomas Kyte performs a show at the Ellensburg, WA Bootcamp.

Six attended Southwest Washington Fair boot camp. The 2021 & 2022 Boot Camps were full. We did two Stage Hypnosis Boot Camps in 2023.

Martin Baratz
Martin Baratz performs at the Red River Exhibition Fairgrounds, Fargo, ND.

Arrive a day early to learn sound reinforcement and video basics. These are repeated daily. We get the basic instructions out of the way a day before we work on our shows, so we have one less thing to learn as we focus on memorizing scripts and developing routines.

People often spend too much time making sure their music is ready before they go on stage.  We now emphasize learning about various music players, making sure your music player works correctly – or doing shows without music. Music is not a make-or-break in a show. It is important but not essential.

We go to dinner together every night and review the day’s notes. Everyone shares their insights. This pow-wow helps build camaraderie. We find local restaurants that serve adult beverages and are open late or we cook for ourselves in our AirBnB.

90-95% of the rest of the week takes place on the fairgrounds. Each performer does one or more shows each day. We do as many shows as possible daily, gathering new audiences over and over. As soon as one audience leaves, we begin gathering another audience so the next performer can get on stage and begin as quickly as possible.

This is a Boot Camp. Some days are 12-14 hours.

Lifelong friendships are created because we are all like-minded with similar goals and interests: to do Stage Hypnosis Shows and get paid a fair market price.

Larisa Neshcheret
Larisa Neshcheret – performs at the Western Montana Fair, Missoula MT
Older Blogs:
The SandMan’s Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp at the Western Montana Fair, Missoula, MT, 08/5-11/19.

This was Boot Camps’ 10th incarnation. The Western Montana Fair had an estimated attendance of 80,000 people over five days.

The lodging for the Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp in Missoula, MT, was a house we rented through Airbnb, and the price was 1/2 the price of a hotel at past Boot Camps.

We had six students, Lisa and myself, for a total of eight people.

We did a day+ classroom training about sound and video as we used the equipment in our hypnosis shows at the fair. This basic introduction took place before the fair opened. Most students arrived the Sunday before. Some arrived on Monday, the first day of Boot Camp. We gathered for our first pow-wow just before dinner, then went to dinner together. Following dinner, we went over sound system operation and video.

We walked through the Fairgrounds on the second day and set up our performance space. We needed to be prepared to do shows on the third day – the fair’s first day. We went over scripts, did some yoga and vocal exercises, and talked about entering and exiting the stage. We touched on helping people organize their music for their show if they were ready.

Mike Allerton
Mike Allerton performs at the San Joaquin County Fair, Stockton, CA.

The following five days took place on the fairgrounds. Most performers did one show each day. However, one student needed to leave early, so we allowed him to do extra shows earlier in the week; others did more later. We did as many shows as possible each day, gathering a new audience shortly after they dispersed so the next performer could get on stage and begin as quickly as possible.

Some people come to Boot Camp thinking it will be an eight-hour day, like in a classroom. However, they quickly discovered that we spent 12-14 hours together on many days, from arriving on the fairgrounds until we finished eating dinner and going over notes.
Every night, we gathered for a meal after leaving the fairgrounds and reviewed the notes Lisa and I took about each of the hypnosis shows performed that day. Many days, we cooked dinner at the Airbnb. This worked out nicely.
Lifelong friendships have been created at these boot camps. It makes sense because we are all like-minded with a similar goal and interest: to do Stage Hypnosis Shows and get paid a fair market price for them.

dinner after a day at the fair doing hypnosis shows
dinner after a day at the fair doing hypnosis shows, Fargo, ND

Many students are ready to jump on stage but do not know a strong stage induction. Many of our students are clinical hypnotists or magicians or have studied hypnosis all their lives but have never done an induction. To accommodate this, for the first time, Lisa taught a one-day Induction Training before Boot Camp began. This worked exceptionally well.

Frank Prince performs in Montana
Frank Prince performing comedy hypnosis shows at a fair in Broadus, Montana.
Frank Prince is a professional Keynote and 
Motivational Speaker. 
He returned to Bootcamp four times.
 If you'd like to talk to him personally, 
ask us for his email & phone number.
2023 • Andrew performs a great induction
2023 • Kent may give up his medical practice and do hypnosis shows for a living
2023 • Kent had so much success. People feel so comfortable with him.
2023 • Mary understood costume like few ever get it
2023 • Mary getting compliance from the volunteers
2023 • Andrew had such success, he booked shows before he left Bootcamp


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