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Become a corporate stage hypnotist.

Contact Alan Sands at:

Address:     632 Teal Street
Foster City, California 94404    United States

Phone:         601-490-2999



You get unlimited access to two Vimeo Video Channels with a deposit for your first year at Boot Camp:

Video lessons and examples of all the parts of a show broken down into short videos:

The complete library of past students’ videos:

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Photograph of Misty & The SandMan with time tunnel

Contact Lisa Kunschick regarding one-day induction training at:

Phone:          760-580-5472


Mark Adams
Mark Adams 2019 one-on-one Bootcamp

Making Payments

We accept checks, Credit Cards, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.

Read us a credit card over the phone: 601-490-2999

Zelle: either or 601-490-2999

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Venmo: @AlanSands

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Mike Allerton, Geroge Brewster, Lynx Kim, Alan Sands, Thom Kyte, and a friend.