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The following information is subject to change. If you sign up and a change occurs, you will get emails, text messages, and a phone call – yes, all three. We believe in communicating.

Additional one-day-hypnosis-induction-training/ the day before boot camp begins with Misty is $375

Do you need more assistance with inductions and deepening techniques? Misty covers various inductions including instant, progressive and confusion techniques.

Boot Camp Classroom time is the day before we go to the fairgrounds and do multiple intensive performance days. Every STUDENT has different requirements. We customize your training to your needs. If you are coming to a Boot Camp for the first time, plan to arrive before dinnertime the day before. We go to dinner and get acquainted. We get the casual social get acquainted stuff out of the way, organize ride-sharing and find out what level you are at so we can meet your individual needs.


Southwest Washington Fair Logo
Southwest Washington Fair Logo

August 15-21, 2022

~  Southwest Washington Fair

1909 South Gold St., Centralia, WA

~ Price USD 2,995


(save $200 with the early bird discount below) This is a six-day fair from August 16-21. We will have a classroom day the day before the Fair opens on the 16th.

The Fair opens on the 16th. If this is your first boot camp, it is highly recommended you arrive on the 14th before dinner to have a get-acquainted time and orientation that does not cut into classroom time on the 15th.

This will be an opportunity for students to get on stage up to six times over six days. This is a group event. Working with each other has many advantages. You learn so much from the group.


Depending on your needs, you may want a one-day orientation/classroom before you perform. STUDENTS may join us for as many days during the Fair as they wish but are only guaranteed five solo shows total and probably will get to do six or seven solo shows. We will customize the schedule to meet the STUDENT’s needs.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS – Save $200 by placing a $600 deposit before May 1st, 2022. A second $600 installment is due July 1st, 2022. The balance of payment is due upon arrival before class begins unless other arrangements are made. Deposits are not refundable but are fully transferable to another boot camp (Just like Southwest Airlines!)

We will let you know more details about hotels and housing.

Transportation – Most people fly into Sea-Tac (Seattle Tacoma) Airport. There is public transportation to Centralia, including a train, or you can rent a car.

Robeson County Fair, Lumberton, North Carolina
The second group of students, Vanessa Lingren, martin Baratz, Jeff Harpring

“Alan’s training is one of a kind. What I mean by this is once you understand hypnosis & have a show in mind & know your induction … this is the missing piece you need to get you moving. He is engaging and truly wants you to succeed; plus, he has a funny personality! He will also answer your phone calls with questions if you need advice. Some say they will and don’t. He will.”

—-    Gail Webster


The SW Washington Fair’s total training is seven days.
The SW Washington Fair is six days long.
Every student does a minimum of five shows, one each day.

If we can get you on stage more, we will.
You will get what you need to go and do shows by yourself when you leave.

You may get more shows in, but I guarantee five shows per person.

I am only accepting five new or second-time returning students. 

Each of you is an individual, and I will treat you that way.
We coach you with what you need and by working with you individually. There are no dumb or silly questions.

Phone – 601-490-2999

Email –


  • • I accept Credit Cards – call me – 601/490-2999
    • I accept PayPal, Venmo & Zelle @
    •Checks are mailed to Alan Sands, 632 Teal Street, Foster City, CA 94404 USA

I can create a payment plan if you call me.