Cancellation Policy

The SandMan’s Boot Camp Cancellation Policy
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Alan Sands – hands up

Hey there!

Just a heads-up about our boot camp spots – they’re limited and fill up on a first-come, first-served basis. Securing your spot is easy: just put down a deposit. Remember, once you’ve booked, it means someone else can’t, so if you change your mind, deposits aren’t refundable. But if you let us know at least two weeks in advance, we’ll happily hold your deposit for a future class or session.

On the off chance Alan and Misty need to cancel (which hasn’t happened yet, but you never know), we’ve got you covered. We’ll refund your deposit in full, or you can use it for another class. Plus, if you rebook within the next year, you’ll get a sweet 10% off the boot camp fee – take that, Southwest Airlines!

Mike Allerton, San Joaquin County Fair, Stockton, CA
Mike Allerton from Australia attended Hypnosis Bootcamp twice.

A quick tip: hold off on booking those plane tickets until about 6 weeks before your boot camp kicks off. We know planning ahead is awesome, but if a class gets canceled and you’ve booked way early, we can’t cover the costs for flights. Play it safe and book a bit closer to the date. Thanks for understanding! 🛫👍

Email, Call, or Text us today to reserve your space!